How to IOT enable your Raspberry Pi

I started exploring some IOT devices lately. For a while now I wanted to see how easy it is to build some sort of environmental controls and monitoring with a bunch of sensors. I still have some Raspberry Pies lying around doing nothing, so I thought using one of them for that purpose could be quite fitting. Given that the new generations of Raspberry Pies all come with WiFi and run Linux, it should be easy to process the signals and send them off to somewhere else to be stored or to further analyze them. So I started searching for sensors for Raspberry Pies. My goal was to find something that’s not too low-level on the hardware side but easy for others to replicate. After a while of research on the web, I found an interesting set of different Grove sensors from Seeed Studio. The senors are all cheap enough and Seeed Studio provides a rich set of libraries for all of them for Raspberry Pi. Seeed Studio was even kind enough to offer me a $30 voucher for providing reviews on my blog, which you can find in the blog posts at the bottom. The devices I was most curious about, at least to start with, were the Grove – Air quality sensor v1.3 and the Grove – Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro. Seeed Studio also provides a Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi (or Raspberry Pi Zero) which makes it easy to connect the sensors with the GPIO from the Pi at the same time and without much hassle. In the next couple of blog posts, I will go over how I assembled everything together and share the results of my efforts. Stay tuned!

  1. How to mount a Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi
  2. How to use a Grove Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro with a Raspberry Pi (coming soon)
  3. How to use a Grove Air quality sensor v1.3 with a Raspberry Pi (coming soon)

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