About me

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by on my blog. I’m Gerald and this is my area where I About Meintend to share my views of the IT world, amongst some other things. I started my career as a programmer in the middle of the .com hype. Between then and now I have gotten around a bit in the world and saw a lot of different aspects of the technology world. I have seen a lot of “innovations” that I would rather call reinvented wheels and also a lot of real innovations going unnoticed. In my current position, I work as a Product Manager for the Oracle database which puts me in a nice position of traveling around the globe and talking to IT folks on various different levels of some of the biggest companies in the world. More importantly, I also get to meet a lot of interesting and clever folks on the way, whether that’s at conferences or just by living in Silicon Valley. On this blog, I would like to share some of my humble, personal opinions on the world of IT with you and hopefully, we get some good conversations going…

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