Free sample data of our solar system

About two years ago I introduced a couple of free sample data sets on GitHub ( You can read the entire back story of them in this blog post. Back then I stated, “Over time, my aim is to provide more such data sets in that repository, however, I am in no rush to do so. So don’t expect to see anything anytime soon“. Well, that time has now come. Last year my wife and I visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida which reignited my curiosity about space. I was always very interested in space and space travel and last year I finally fulfilled a childhood dream of mine seeing the Apollo capsules and Space Shuttles with my own eyes. Back then I joked with my wife about how cool it would be to try and put data about our solar system together and sure thing not long after I couldn’t resist any longer and started looking into it.

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Free sample data sets for everyone!

It’s actually been quite a while since I have put together these free sample data sets for everyone but it just struck me today that I’ve never blogged about them. It was in December 2020 when I finally published and announced these data sets on Twitter. But what am I actually talking about here, you may ask? Well, here comes a story of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

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