Ask Tom search engine

Today my boss asked me if I know how to fix the search engine for FireFox for since Tom Kyte has moved it to APEX. Actually I didn’t have the search engine even installed anymore (hope that means that I’m already so good with Oracle myself 😉 ) but thought that it would be nice to have it again.

Therefore I quickly build the search engine for the new Ask Tom site.

To install it, download this file by right-clicking on it and choosing “Save Link As”:


Unfortunately – or better fortunately – WordPress doesn’t allow Javascript within posts nor xml files as media. Therefore I have to work with faked png files here.
After you download the file rename it to “SearchEngineInstaller.html” and open the file in your browser.
Then click on “Install Ask Tom search engine”, install the engine and “Mission accomplished”!

If you are interested in the “code” you can download the search engine file here: AskTomSearchEngine.png
Again with right click and “Save Link As”. Then rename it to “AskTomSearchEngine.xml”

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