A few facts about TimesTen

  • TimesTen gets usually deployed in the Middle Tier – same location where the application runs
  • TimesTen is persistent and can run as the only database on a system
  • TimesTen persists to the disk over a background process
  • TimesTen supports High Availability
  • TimesTen can be used as cache between the application and the Oracle database
  • TimesTen can be linked into applications directly – the calls to TimesTen happens over normal subroutine calls in the code which require no context switches on the system
  • You can cache either a group of related tables or even a subset of specific rows
  • TimesTen supports read-only and update able caches
  • TimesTen supports “DynamicLoad” which loads the data from Oracle when you need it
  • You can have as much read-only subscribers as you want
  • TimesTen supports SQL and PL/SQL
  • TimesTen is certified on all main application servers and OR-Mapping tools like Hibernate
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