Oracle Seminar

Last Wednesday I had the chance to visit an Oracle seminar at the Marriot hotel in New York City. I was really happy since it was already a long time ago when I last visited an Oracle event (except the Oracle User Group Meeting but that’s not Oracle itself). There were four tracks to join: Database developer, .NET developer, Java developer and APEX developer. All of them sounded interesting but as you had to bring your own laptop and install a specific image for each track I had to decide for one. Well it wasn’t to hard for me and I took the Database developer track with Hands-On on SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data Modeler, TimesTen and last but not least XML database. I have to say, that I was really excited about the sessions. I use SQL Developer and the Data Modeler part already quite a long time so there wasn’t much new for me but still something to learn (there is always something to learn!) The TimesTen and the XML database part was totally new to me and I was surprised what Oracle can already do with all the other products the own. Funniest thing was that I won a book of SQL Developer 2.1 which is brand-new and still wet from the press! 😉 This was because I was the first who finished all SQL Developer related hands-on – I wasn’t aware that I can win a prize for this, but hey, a book is always good! 🙂

So the best things out of this seminar were:

  • SQL Developer can debug PL/SQL (not really new)
  • SQL Developer can build, maintain and execute Unit tests for PL/SQL
  • SQL Developer can connect to TimesTen since 1.6
  • SQL Developer has a new Query Executor which makes executing stuff against different databases much more flexible
  • TimesTen is really fast if you use it right (made selfwritten tests on my laptop bringing me 8.6 times more performance)

Well at the end here it’s time for some pics:

And here the prize I won:

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