Vacation: Cuba

Well, I promised some more posts the last time but the problem is that I’m very busy in the last couple of weeks – in work as also in my freetime. One of the reasons is definitely that I’m going on vacation on Thursday and it looks like that everyone is thinking that I won’t return anymore! But back to the positiv things: The destination this time is Cuba.

I have spoken already three or four years ago that I want to visit this country once. One of the main reasons was that when you’re in Cuba you make a time travel back to the 60s. Last year a working colleague was with his girlfriend there and as I saw the photos I was sure that this year it will be Cuba. I had a little bit of luck: We started talking about Cuba in February and my colleague told us that we’re already very late. You can’t/won’t visit Cuba in the summer because of the hurricane season which starts in the middle of May and ends somewhere in October. So we hurried up and made a visit in the travel agency and we fortunately got one of the last seats on a tour between 9th of April till 24th of April.

The vacation is split up in two main parts:

The first 8 days we make a round trip through whole Cuba, the other 7 days we’re in an all-inclusive hotel in Varadero and just relax.

Hopefully everything will go fine but I’m confident!

So, we’ll read us in 2 and a half weeks – and no, the cigars are for me and only for me! 🙂


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