Vacation – Viva Las Vegas

We’re currently in Las Vegas (and yes: Again a Apple store where I’m writing! ;)) and have a lot of fun here. Yesterday we went the first time out – something that you’ve to do when you’re in Vegas and it was great! Ok, I came in the hotel room at 5:30 AM and slept till 12:30 PM and I’ve also lost my watch (which will hopefully wait at the reception for me!) but it was just great! Las Vegas is amazing, it’s really a city full of entertainment. As soon as the night begins everywhere are amazing lights full of entertainment. There are also lot of famous cities reconstructed like Paris, New York of Venice. It’s cool over here, but unfortunately you’ve to have a lot of money so that you can enjoy everything in Vegas.

Today it will be our last day in Vegas. We’ll stay here over night and tomorrow we’re driving trough to Death Valley National to Lone Pine where we’ll spend the night. On Wednesday we’re going to visit Yosemity National Park and stay there. And on Thursday we’re driving back to our starting point: San Francisco. They we’ll give back our rental car and stay in a hotel next to the air port. Our flight back goes on 10:00 AM on Friday and we’ll be back in Munic on Saturday around 10:00 AM (15 hours to go there and a time shift of 9 hours).

I’m looking forward to come home again. I mean the trip is cool and we see and saw a lot, but 3 weeks isn’t such short as you think in the first moment. Anyway, this will be probably the last update from the vacation – not sure – so have fun!



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