Using more and more Apple software

If you’re a recent reader of my blog (sorry for the long break but there was very much to do in the last month what kept me away from blogging) then you know that I’m an Apple fan. I love their notebooks and I love their software. It’s just so easy to use. There are no barricades in it. I hadn’t ever really a reason to get away from my Firefox browser or my Winamp. But over the time I must say I enjoyed more and more to work on my MacBook. Firefox 2 is much slower than Safari (but this should be fixed in Firefox 3!) and uses more memory. Ok, to be fair: Of course I’ve some extensions installed too! But the point is if you want to go quick to a website then you don’t want to wait like forever to get it. Well, the reason why I went away from Winamp? There is no such reason like with Firefox. Both are nice to use. But iTunes has some nice advantages like “Smart Playlist” and the MP3 encoder for wmv files. Only disadvantage: iTunes doesn’t recognize global hotkeys like my media control buttons on my keyboard. But fortunately someone else had the problem before myself and so I just googled around and found a nice tool called iTunes Global Hotkeys. With that little tool I can control my iTunes as easy as my Winamp using the buttons on my keyboard.

3 thoughts on “Using more and more Apple software

  1. Without changing anyting? I don’t know… seems that Windows XP isn’t so smart to recognize that…


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