New notebook – MacBook?

It’s time to get a new notebook for working on it (not like others who would buy a notebook to play on it and then recognize that this was just an stupid idea!). And if you want a notebook where you really can work on it you have to buy a Mac of course! 😉 So at the moment I really think about it to buy me a new MacBook and search through the apple stores.

6 thoughts on “New notebook – MacBook?

  1. Yes and you can get refurbished MacBooks at around 1000.
    I’m not so sure to pay 500 more just to get a little bit more/better hardware…


  2. hahahaha, little bit better hardware???
    dude, have you ever compared those two? the macbook pro is much better…its not only faster, has a better graphics chip, more memory in the default setting and a bigger screen
    it has a backlighted LED display (which is like day and night to the normal TFTs), has also a aluminium case (and believe me the plastic case of the MB gets nasty after a while), backlighted keyboard (talking about the keyboard…the keyboard of the MBP is better to type on than the one from the MB from my perspective), has better speakers,….

    I would say its worth more than 500 bucks more
    the new MBP will also get the multitouch-trackpad of the air…

    but hey, if you’re not willing to spend money why getting an apple anyways?
    you wouldn’t buy a BMW if you only could afford a Volkswagen, isn’t it?


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