Setup a cloud-based reverse proxy to your Raspberry Pi WordPress site

I got a couple of Raspberry Pis lying around at home and thought, what better use for one of them than to run my WordPress blog (another one than this one, but this one may soon follow). The trick to it, however, is that I do not have a static IP address from my internet provider, nor do I want to allow folks into my private network anyway. Luckily, I do have a small cloud-based VM on the public internet, too small probably to run WordPress and MySQL themselves but good enough to redirect some traffic. So, I thought, how about a reverse proxy on the cloud-based server just forwarding HTTP requests via an SSH tunnel to the Raspberry Pi? That way, I can have the Raspberry Pi establish the connection to the cloud-based server, meaning that the connection will be out of my private network and not into it, and it is all secured via SSH. The setup for such a reverse proxy and SSH tunnel is not complicated but requires a few steps that are not easy to find on the web. So, below I decided to document my pilot.

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