Oracle 12c R1 lock types

As stated in my previous post, it’s time for me to revisit some of my posts and check the relevance for 12c. Let’s start with the one on locks. As posted in late 2010 there are 202 different lock types in Oracle 11g. It’s actually 205 in which was not out back then. Anyway, in 12.1 we have now 240 but still only 4 which are caused by user interaction, aka. SQL statements.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle has released an Enterprise Manager Plug-In for AWS. This Plug-In enables you to monitor and troubleshoot your cloud-based databases alongside with your on-premise databases with one single tool. Especially in cloud-based environments it can be tricky and time consuming to identify issues with your database. However,  by deploying this Plug-In within your OEM Cloud Control environment, you gain following management features:

  • Monitor EBS, EC2 and RDS instances on Amazon Web Services
  • Gather performance metrics and configuration details for AWS instances
  • Raise alerts and violations based on thresholds set on monitoring
  • Generate reports based on the gathered data