Going on vacation – the second one

After some stressing weeks in the company it’s finally time for my second vacation. My first one brought me 2 weeks of relaxing and having in Corfu/Greece. My second one will bring me 3 week full of adventures, sight seeing and traveling.

The country: USA

The destination: California, Arizona, Nevada

The main cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas.

I’m going on a “Explore the western part of USA” trip with two colleagues from work. The journey will start in Munich where our flight will go to Philadelphia. From there we pick the next plane to San Francisco. Once there we’ll pick up our rental car and explore San Francisco for 4 days. After that we take the famous California State Route 1 to Los Angeles where we’ll drive along the Pacific and through some nice cities like Pismo Beach, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara (where Katy Perry is coming from who got famous with the song “I kissed a girl”). In LA we take another 4 days to go check the City out. After that our direction is Las Vegas. But before we arrive in Las Vegas we’ll visit Laughlin and the Joshua Tree National Park as well as the Grand Canyon (of course) and its National Park followed by Page with Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. After this round course we’ll arrive in Las Vegas where we’ll hopefully win a lot of money (what won’t be very exciting because of the exchange rate to Euros! 😉 ) And even better: In Vegas one of my colleagues will celebrate his 25th birthday what he and we will never forget (because he has to pay all our drinks then! 😀 ) After that we are going to visit Lone Pine over the Death Valley National Park and Yosemite National Park. And finally we’ll drive back to San Francisco where we bring back our rental car (without damage hopefully) and fly back home. As you can see this three weeks aren’t really vacation. The agenda is absolutely full but we’ll see a lot very nice places of the west of USA in these three weeks. So my digital cam battery is charged and I’ve 2 4GB SD cards with me where there will be space for around 7000 pictures. And a friend of mine borrowed me his camcorder which records on mini DVDs. One DVD has space for 30 minutes of film….. I’ve 55 mini DVDs with me (what make me able to record 27.5 hours of film!) 😉 So this is my last day in Austria and I’m already very excited because of that trip. The best thing at all: We’ve here in Austria around 12 degrees Celsius with many clouds and rain. California is waiting with 24 degrees Celsius with sun, sun and sun! And Nevada (Las Vegas) is waiting with 30 degrees. So I guess I’ve also to get my trunks back out of the wardrobe and put it also in my suite case! 😀

I wish you three nice weeks and see you at the 20th of October again!

10,000 hits

I’m now blogging 1 year and a couple of days. Primary I’m blogging about Oracle stuff, but also about my work and some private stuff. Unfortunately my time was very rare in last time for writing new entries into this blog. But I’m feeling great that I’ve reached the 10,000 hits mark and I hope that I can put some interesting stuff into it again after my second vacation is over.

Thanks all out there for reading my posts!

Did it – new MacBook is on the way to his new owner! :)

Yesterday I talked about today I did it already. Just bought me a Mac-Book 2.2 GHz Dual Core with 1GB RAM (will upgrade to 4GB), 120GB hard drive, super drive DVD device integrated Blue-tooth and all the little stuff! 🙂 Also I bought me a nice backpack which a colleague showed me for my new little baby where there is much room to store other stuff in it.

Update: I just got the email with the confirmation that my new baby is already on its way to me and will propaly arrive at 6th. February.

Update: Just tracked back the delivery status of my MacBook: It already arrives today! 😀

On the top

Yesterday I went climbing for the first time with to of my colleagues from work. Wow that was really funny… and also exert! 🙂 Afterwards we had a couple of beers and talked about work, private stuff and so on but all in all that was a really nice evening. I think I’ve to go more often with them to the climbing wall.