And Hello again!

It has been a bit more than two and a half years when I started to blog under the Oracle domain During all that time I focussed on a simple, single goal: provide a blog for Oracle developers out there.

Fast forward to today something wonderful has happened. That blog above has transformed into something bigger than just me blogging. It has become a much broader Oracle Developer Blog where many folks from Oracle now share their knowledge on the many different products and solutions that Oracle offers, while still keeping the same goal: provide a blog for Oracle developers out there. I’m very proud of the fact that in such little time this blog has established itself to what it is now. If you had asked me back then whether that would happen in such a short time frame I would have probably said “No”. But if you had asked me whether that was always the true intention of that blog I would certainly have answered with “Yes”.

As great as this development is, it also means that it is time for me to move back to my private space and continue to blog here going forward. Although that doesn’t mean that you won’t see me blog on the other one, as I’m still one of the many Oracle folks providing content for developers. Most likely you will see repostings on the other blog. Meanwhile, as my life and career have moved on too, I will broaden the scope of this blog. As the new title already hints at, “Gerald on I.T.” will focus on more than just Oracle Database. It is time to establish a space where I can let my thoughts free and share my opinion, knowledge and insights and many other things that I come across inside and outside the world of Information Technology.

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